Ask for delayed until it stopped pulsing. We did no bath. They did all initial checks on me while doing skin to skin. My first went to the nicu. They still did initial skin to skin with me and then she had to get checked under the warmer bc of her issues.

I would recommend declining routine cervical checks until you're actively in labor at the hospital. They increase risk of infection and are not an indicator of anything bc you can sit dilated for weeks or you can go from 0 to 10 in a day. My ob was totally fine when I was like nope don't want that. The ob who delivered me gave me attitude about it bc I couldn't tell how how dilated I was at my last appointment. I was in labor and clapped back with some major attitude lol. That's one thing to ask whether your ob will deliver or whoever is on call that day.One of the biggest mistakes I see happen is natural patients don’t discuss fully and completely their wishes with their OB. Make your birth plan, take it to an appointment (or every appt with each of the OBs) and fully discuss it and let them know what you want completely. And I mean entirely. Most of the moms that show up and want to do it naturally haven’t discussed this with their OB or did so in a way that it wasn’t the main focus of their labor discussion. If you don’t want certain vaccines after birth, discuss this openly before you are in labor with your OB! If you want delayed cord clamping, one minute is standard at st. Francis. Any more than that is not. The first hour is meant to be skin to skin with the baby, but if the baby even looks like it may potentially even slightly be stunned at birth they cut the cord and take it to the warmer, where at CBP they’d have the mom stand and do an autotransfusion to get more blood from the placenta to the baby to “wake it up” some...that won’t happen at the hospital. Then it’s on the warmer and not skin to skin for a bit.

Another issue I see a lot is the mom doesn’t prepare with any labor classes done. Do hypnobirthing or hypnobabies or one of the true birth preparation classes and have your husband listen and learn how to support you well. If you aren’t prepared to birth naturally in a hospital and there’s pain medications readily available they look SO appealing when you’re in pain and your OB tells you your contractions are too spaced out because they aren’t every 2-3 minutes like they would be when on Pitocin. Discuss that you don’t want a 39 week elective induction for funsies...with your OB!! More than once! Especially if you don’t have a favorable cervix. Discuss with them intermittent monitoring and what exactly that means to them and the hospital, when they will and won’t allow it and for how long they monitor each time. Bring your diffuser and oils, especially peppermint oil for nausea. Being clary sage in case your labor stalls, bring lavender and peace and calming to help tame your wild self when you’re transitioning. Bring affirmations for you to read and practice with your husband reading them to you while you’re flailing around on a bed losing your mind so he knows how to do it. Have him look up counter pressure and ways to support your body when you’re contracting, like swaying, slow dancing, touching tense body parts like shoulders or forehead when he sees you aren’t relaxing the way you could. Talk about dim lights with your nurses, ALWAYS talk to the OB before they put their hands inside your vagina for any reason at any time and make sure they know you don’t want your water broken. You don’t know how many times I’ve seen them break the water and then tell the patient they did it. I could go on...feel free to ask away! Good luck!!