COVID19 does not give providers permission to strip you of your rights.


1. You do NOT have to be tested. Period. You don't have to explain why, and you don't need any kind of excuse.


2. They CANNOT take your baby from you if you refuse to be tested.


3. They CANNOT take your baby if you test positive for COVID.

*Both the WHO & RCOG strongly recommend keeping mother and baby together, even if mom tests positively. You can show this resource to your provider if they say otherwise:






4. There is NO known medical reason to stop breastfeeding if you test positive. Current research shows no evidence of the illness being transmitted via breast milk. Breast milk does however have valuable antibodies to build your baby's immune system. If you planned to breastfeed, it is still recommended by the WHO.


WHO link about COVID & breast feeding-


CDC link about COVID & breast feeding-


5. They CANNOT make you wear a mask while laboring/pushing. You can voice that you are uncomfortable, and take it off.


YOU get to decide what you consent to, COVID does not change that.


Edited to add links to more info: